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How to install Re-affected Computer Virus

Your computer may have been exposed to a virus or maybe someday if your computer virus attack resulting in the computer should reinstall. Not infrequently computers installed but not yet finished the drive C: has got a virus again. That's because the virus is on drive D: / go and attack again drive C: /. But there are also some people who do the installation with the way the format all drives to avoid re-entry of the virus on drive C: /.
Format all drives do not need to do if the only aim to remove all viruses; it is because if the drive in the format means that all data will be lost and perhaps among the data is still you need.

Then how to have after we install, the computer virus is a good and gone?
1. Backup all data to drive D: /
2. Do install Windows.
3. Do not open the drive other than drive C: /
4. After installing Windows is finished, then install the Antivirus, and then do Update Antivirus.
5. Scan all drives with the Antivirus that you just install.
6. After completion Scan all drives, you just continue the installation with other programs that you need.

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