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How to make a yahoo email quickly

Email is an electronic media that can be used to send news, pictures, or documents and others. Many sites that provide this facility, including yahoo.com
Without length about the email, the following will give me how to make email at yahoo.com
1. Open mozilla firefox, internet explorer or the browser on your computer.
2. Type http://www.yahoo.com
3. Click Sign Up,
4. Then fill in your data.
5. Select the language you'll use the yahoo email.
1. Tell us about yourself ...
* My Name
* First name: Name Your Home
Last name: Your Last Name
Gender: Your Gender
* Birthday
Month: Click and select the month you were born
Day: type in your date of birth
Year: Type in your birth year
* I live in: Click and select your country
* Postal Code: type in your zip code
2. Select an ID and password
* Yahoo! ID and Email: type your email name you want
* Password: type your password (can be numbers or letters, at least 6 characters and maximum 32 characters)
* Re-type Password: type your password again
3. In case you forget your ID or password ...
Alternate Email: type your alternate email name (if you already have)
* 1. Security Question
* Specify Your Question: Choose your question
* Your Answer: The answer to your question
Use 4 characters or more - not case sensitive.
* 2.Security Question:
* Specify Your Question: Choose the question you
* Your Answer: Give your answers
Use 4 characters or more - not case sensitive.
Just a couple more details ...
* Type the code shown: enter the code (must be the same as a picture)

* Do you agree?
Give mark a small blemish in the box by clicking on: I have read and agree to the Yahoo! Terms of Service and Yahoo! Privacy Policy, and to receive important communications from Yahoo! electronically.
Then click Create My Account
Hope can help


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