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How to find friends through facebook

Not infrequently the bustle and everyday activities makes us unable to meet our friends or relatives, not a few of our friends who for years we never met and did not even know existed where. Your friends may have friends at school, college or coworkers in the past.
But with the facebook (which mention people as social networks) we can find some of our friends just by typing its name, email, etc.. On the facebook site.
How do I find:
1. Of course you need to login on facebook
2. Point the cursor on the writing friend (located on the top Linkbar)
3. Then click Find Friends
4. At the bottom there facebook page says:
Search for People
Enter a name or email
* Find former high school classmates »
* Find current or past university classmates »
* Find current or past coworkers »
6. Choose one that you will use.
For example Enter a name or email, you just type in the name of the column is available, then Enter.
Or you can use the Find former high school classmates, Find current or past university classmates, Find current or past coworkers.



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