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Windows XP Themes for Blogger Templates Download

Windows XP Themes for Blogger Template is my second design. Although this is still a very simple template but this template looks very elegant. This has been my design template complete with meta content. This is to allow users of Windows XP Themes templates, so users stay add title, description, and keywords on a page edit html
Windows XP Themes

Demo | Download

If you want to add a Table of Contents on a Windows XP Themes, you can simply add the html code on your blog Widget.
There html code below:
<a href="http://blogname.blogspot.com/search?max-results=250">Table of Content</a>

How to add a widget table of contents is:
Copy the html code above and then "Add a Gadget> HTML / JavaScript Add> Then Copy & paste html code above the HTML / JavaScript Add. And do not forget to change your blog name with the name of your blog on code red.

Windows XP Themes for Blogger Download


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