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Interior Minimalist Design

Dinni Computer - Mendalo Mas we have equipped with Warnet, we initially created without partitions. But according to customer desires, now Dinni Computer room we have made a way with sedimikian design meminalisir small enough space.
Because of the small room, then the number of clients cafe only has 8 computers and each computer partitioned with 2 chairs per table. While the study also created a special partition for the study with one door using the key slot, so that visitors do not enter the room of our work.

Interior Minimalist Design we like the image below :


DinNi Computer Map

Map of Photo Copy DinNi

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Alamat :

Komp. Ruko Mendalo Mas Blok A1-17 Ma. Jambi
Jalan Lintas Jambi - Ma. Bulian Depan Gerbang IAIN

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